Commercial Inspection Services

Hospitals & Retirement Homes

We carry out regular checks on health and social care buildings. We call these comprehensive inspections and we use them to make sure services are providing care that's safe and maintained facilities for investors and tennants. 

Large Appartments Building

Apartment buildings multiply the challenges faced by single-family homes. With such buildings you have multiple sinks, toilets and water heaters that can leak. You also have either a large boiler or individual furnaces. Knowing the state of your building before you sign the papers is necessary, both for liability purposes and to best assess the condition. Most municipalities hold multi-family buildings and their owners to a higher standard with building codes, so you need to know about any maintenance issues so you can correct them.

Close the deal

 Apartment buildings can be a good investment. However, it's important to know the state of the building before you make a purchase. After all, with a commercial building, you have multiple households depending on your structure for shelter. 

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