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Knowing the difference between the costs of a premier inspection company and the value of the wealth of information that you will receive could be in the thousands.

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Our Inspection Services

Residential Building Inspections


We at Tallgrass Home Inspectors™ strive to provide you with a thorough and detailed report on your home and its systems. From the roof down to the foundation, we've got you covered.

Commercial Inspections *Call for Quote


 Apartment buildings multiply the challenges faced by single-family homes. With such buildings, you have multiple systems, and knowing the state of your building before you sign is necessary, both for liability purposes and to best assess the condition. 

Multi Family Units *Call for Quote


From a small duplex to large apartment complexes. Tallgrass Home Inspectors™ can provide you and your stakeholders with timely and critical information that helps protect you and manage your investment property. 

Mold Inspections & Testing Starting at $300.00


 Are your allergic reactions really just from allergies? Exposure to some toxic mold spores can produce the same itchy-watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and headaches as allergies do. Mold exposure can bring on asthma attacks in some individuals. And that could be just the start.  

Radon Testing $85.00


State licensed and armed with the most accurate, and only true integrated radon testing system on the market, we can provide the reliable radon results within minutes and hours, instead of days.

Sewer Scope Inspection


We can provide a video inspection of the homes sewer line connecting to the city or septic system which can help show signs of any blockages or low flowing areas. 

Inspection Package Add-Ons

Add The RED Package


Choose between adding a Termite Inspection or Radon Testing to your home inspection.

Add The WHITE Package


Add both a Termite Inspection & Radon Testing along to your home inspection.

Add The Blue Package


 Order the BLUE Package and get the added protection of a Termite Inspection, Mold and Radon Testing to your inspection.

Add The Veteran's Plus Package


With the Veteran's Plus Package, you will receive a Termite, Radon and a Sewer Scope Inspection of your underground drainage system. *Includes a one year warranty on your underground sewer system.

Add The Gold Package


Protecting your home and family is priority #1, Get the complete service of Radon, Termite, Mold Testing & Sewer Scope to your inspection services.

Mobile Home Inspections


No matter the size, our services inspect every nook and cranny of the home with all the warranties included. 

Ancillary Services

Other Ancillary Services

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