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What Steve Jobs did for the telephone,,,

Inspection Software

It's So Simple, It Should be Considered Art.

The most efficient inspection software on the market. From the vacationer at a bed & breakfast, to the property manager, home inspector, to the engineering building consultant firms, Now one software can do it all. Now Available in your Apple & Google Play Stores.

Property Log Book/ Cloud Based Office Platform

The Brick & Mortar Office Is Now Officially Obsolete!

 Now you can run any property consultant firm from your laptop or tablet. Real Estate Offices, Single or Multi-Inspection Firms, Property Management Companies, Multi-Unit Housing Offices, Investment Management Portfolios, and so much more! 

Simple Elegance, Homeworthy Ispection Software in 96 Seconds

Software creater Bob Sternberg explains the ease of using the Homeworthy in 96 seconds.

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The Future Is Here And Now!

100% Cloud Based Property Management Platform

Built for the Homeowner, Home Inspector. Property Manager, Real Estate Agent, Comercial/ Residential Investor, Building Developer, Contractor, and Tradesmen!

Close The Deal On Site

Maintain your entire office documents and files on the cloud. You can create, manage, store, print and send them safely from your device wherever you need to be to take care of your clients.

Your Entire Office At Your Fingertips

 Schedule inspections, (single or multi inspector firms, create, manage and update maintenance records, send and receive files and orders from vendors and partner, companies, store your entire reference materials in the cloud to view or insert sections into reports, send redacted copies of your report and files to 3rd parties, certify and stamp documents and files, plus much more. 

Its The Internet For The Building Industry

Architects / Engineers

Can now send and receive, draft, edits, bluprints, CAD drawings, files, to and from contractors, developers, inspectors, appraisers, and homeowners. 

Developers & Contractors

You can keep all relevant data on and your  property on the the property and others will now see that you you were the builder and now you will the first on to call for improvements and repairs. 

Property Managers

Will now to be able to track who were the builders of the property, see if permits were pulled, create lifetime maintenance records so you will be ready for you next audit or sale.

Building Consultants / Inspectors

You can now be considered the "house doctor" the properties you inspect. Now clients will call you first because of your extensive knowledge the particular home 

Real estates Professionals

No more guessing games on homes in your market. You will now be able to see, and track all maintenance issues, from where and when did the house get painted, to who reshingled the roof. Now when your clients are ready to sell, you will have the ultimate advantage.

Investor / Home Owner

You will now have access to all the people who built and maintaned your home. Now you can keep detailed records of all your improvements, for when you are speaking to your insurance company, or when you are ready to sell.

From Efficiency to Revolutionary in 90 Seconds

 Witness the innovative technology of the Homeworty DOME. The Property Management System that now you can manage your personal or business properties, order inspections or contractor maintenance, store/archive property documents, share information throughout your network of professionals, while securing your (or your clients) personal information. 

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