Multi-Units & Apartment Buildings


Pre- Purchase / Pre Sale Inspection Services

If you to buy or sell large commercial, multi-family, or complex(es), let us take all the guesswork out of the due diligence process. we can give you an accurate report on the conditions that may affect the bottom line. 


Tennant Entry & Exit Inspections

Avoid the headaches that can arise with conditions of your apartment, condominium, or home that you manage. For a low fee, we will produce inspection reports for you and the tenant (with signatures and photos) of the rental/leased unit that is accurate and ironclad.


Projected Maintenance Cost Analysis

Know how much it will cost to replace and maintain of your HVAC, Plumbing, Appliances, and fixtures before you buy or sell.  We can produce an accurate projection of all the building systems for the next 12 years so you can more easily manage the maintenance and improvement costs that you can give to your accountant or investor.


Coming Soon!