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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the Surgeon General’s Office have estimated that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused each year by radon. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon-induced lung cancer costs the United States over $2 billion dollars per year in both direct and indirect health care costs. (Based on National Cancer Institute statistics of 14,400 annual radon lung cancer deaths – Oster, Colditz & Kelley, 1984)


with training from Enviomental Solutions Association, InterNACHI, Kansas State University, ARRST, & NRPP. We are some the highly trained Radon Testing Technicians.


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The E-PERM® System is the most versatile radon measurement system in the market, able to conduct both short-term and long-term tests in a wide range of environmental conditions. Electret ion chambers are true integrating devices, meaning that they do not bias their results toward the end of a measurement period.

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We Can inspect your current radon mitigation system for visible defects.  Our inspector(s) will describe the radon mitigation system,  inspect drainpipes that extend to daylight for missing devices,   inspect the vapor retarder used for sub-membrane depressurization systems, inspect hollow-block walls for cracks, openings,  and pipe connections that are not permanently sealed with adhesives. 

Know The truth About Radon


There are folks spreading bad information about radon gas that could not only cost you up to $2000.00 in unexpected repairs but also your life. Please follow the links below to get the facts.

Free Radon Libary

A Citizen's Guide to Radon

What every homeowner's should know about understanding how their home is affected by radon and hot to test for it,

Home Buyer's Guide to Radon

When buying your next home, knowing your rights may save you a couple of dollars, and maybe even your life.

Tenant's Guide to Radon

Just because you are not a homeowner doesn't means its not a concern, or you don't have right.

Check Out Our Radon Services

Initial Radon Testing

If you own or living in a home and never had it tested for radon. this is your first step. Having an initial radon test is an best assesment in protecting your family from elevated radon levels in your home.

Real Estate Protocols ( testing)

Buying or selling a home? While we are performing a home inspection, having the home tested for radon is smart choice, now you can recive a discount when testing your home with a home inspection.

Follow Up Testing

If the radon levels in the home are elevated or its been a few years since you last tested. A follow up test would be ideal. especially after any home upgrade such as a new addition, or a recent construction in, or around your home.

Long Term Testing

If your first test cam back high or bordenline, a long term radon test is the best way to find out if your home is a good candidate for mitigation.

Mitigation System Inspection

We can perform an inspection on a excisting system to see if it functioning properly.

Testing For Schools, Hospitals, Multi Unit(s) Testing

If you are an constodian, property manager, or a falcilitator, we can provide you with testing services to protect your patrons, tenants, students, and your liabilty.

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