Residential Fees & Services

Standard Inspection Fee $325.00

The cost for most standard residential home inspection under 3500sqft are $345.00. Inspection fees for larger homes inspection fee would increse per 50sqft by $50.00.

Radon Testing $85.00

A Short Term (ST) Radon Test for a single family home is $85.00. If you schedule a radon test with a home inspection, you will receive a $25.00 discount. 

Multiple Inspection Formats

If you are a first time home buyer, an investor or a empty nesters looking to downsize, we have an inspection format that is written just for you, regardless of the learning curb, at no additional costs.

Free Home Energy Reports

Looking for potencil defects during a home inspection is one thing, But finding out how much it will cost you to live, and heat, your new home is something else. With your home inspection, you will receive a free home energy report to help calculate your home energy cost and recomendation on how to save money.

Fee Infrared & Thermal Imaging

Infrared technology and and Thermal Imaging are the tools we use to detect potencial issues in the home such as  overheating wires, moisture intrusion (roof leaks), heating loss. Our inspectors use these tools, and many more at no additional charge to give you a superior inspection experience.

The Highest Inspection Standards

Rest assured that each inspector is a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) reconized member of the International Association of Certified Inspectors (InterNACHI) and must adhere to the nations highest inspection standards and ethis.

Protection Like No Other!

If one of our inspectors miss anything on a home inspection, we will buy the home back from you.

Have peace of mind knowing you are back by the best guarentee found anywhere!

Premium Protection With Every Home Inspection

90 Day Warranty Button

 This warranty covers repairs to items the Home Inspector has found to be in
good working condition at the time of inspection  

For a period of 5 years following the inspection, protects against new leaks in the roof of the home.  

 We are committed to raising the standards of your home inspection.
That’s why we offer FREE RecallCheks for your home appliances . 

 With every full home inspection, we have Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard the world leader in underground repair coverage. 

If mold is found in your home that was not present at the time of inspection, you are covered for remediation, up to $2000.00 

Let us help help you get all your utilities turned on as well as your trash service, water, cable and internet. free of charge. One call does it all. Our way to say Thank you and welcome home.

Also Included With Your Inspection

$100.00 Off Move In Costs

Included with our inspection services, we're includeding free memebership to our Porch Memebership Gold Program with a $100 worth of dicounts on home related and move in services. 

24/7 On Call Support

Never again be alone with maintenace questions and emergencies! Now there is some there to help you when you need it most. 

$100.00 Off Any Handyman Services

Need those little extras done around the house and don't have time. here is a little extra help to get those prodjects done!

Free Home Owners Resource Libary

Our Safe Home Book

Free for you to download. How to make your home safe for you and your family. from securing large appliances, child safety measures, to senior in home care, this free ebook is a great resource guide. 

Homebuyer's Guide to Radon

Get the facts for your self! Here is a free consurmer guide from the EPA  on what every home buyer should know about radon gas. How radon enters the home, its associated health effects, how its tested, and possible steps to mitigate if needed. 

EPA's Mold & Moisture Guide In The Home

Beleive it or ot, the number one enemy to your home is water! And knowing how to manage water in and around your home is to perfect approach to protecting your home and family.

Tips on Saving Energy & Money

Steps to maximizing your home's efficiency should begin before closing. Knowing some key pieces of information will help you enjoy you’re a comfortable home while saving money in the process.

Life Expectancy Chart

The hard fact about home ownership is that nothing lasts forever. But knowing the average life cycle of your home's appliances and fixtures is the best way to manage maintenance costs and the home’s value.

Annual Maintenance Check Sheet

Great for first time homebuyers and to start teaching our young adults about the importance of home maintenance while they are still in their formative years. Here is a simple year around guide to help your home in good working order

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